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Domestic enterprises daily produce 900 thousand masks — Beibut Atamkulov

Tuesday, 20 October 2020, 10:27:05

At a government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Beibut Atamkulov reported on the provision of the population with medicines and medical products.

As Atamkulov noted, according to the results of 9 months of this year, the volume of production in the pharmaceutical industry increased by 39.8%.

“The growth is ensured by increasing the supply of medicines and medical devices within the guaranteed volume of free medical care through the single distributor SK-Pharmacy,” the minister said.

In the pharmaceutical industry of the country, the production of medicines and medical devices is carried out by 96 enterprises.

Domestic producers have concluded 88 long-term contracts for 5,042 items of medicines and medical devices.

Domestic enterprises produce 900 thousand masks every day. There are 18 million masks in stock. At the same time, the production capacities of the enterprises allow the production of up to 1.2 million medical masks per day.

330 thousand pairs of gloves are produced daily. There are over 7 million pairs in our warehouses. In November 2020, the capacity will be increased to 530 thousand pairs per day.

Six domestic companies today produce 504 thousand protective suits per month. By the end of the year, the capacity will be increased to 1 million.

"In the event of the second wave of the pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry enterprises are ready to provide the required amount of medicines," said Atamkulov.

The republican demand for ventilators is 1,500 stationary ventilators.

To date, domestic enterprises have produced and delivered all 1,500 (100%) of ventilators for 297 hospitals in 17 regions of Kazakhstan.

The factories of Kazakhstan produced 376 ambulances, of which 220 were delivered to the regions of the country. To date, the remaining 156 units are being delivered. In general, within the framework of this program, 1,167 ambulance vehicles will be delivered by Nov. 5.

To date, 63 mobile medical complexes have been manufactured. Today, 45 medical complexes have already been shipped, of which 25 units have arrived in the regions and the transfer process is underway. The remaining 18 complexes will be shipped tomorrow. 37 are in production and will be shipped by Oct. 23, 2020.

Local executive bodies have signed contracts with Aktyubrentgen JSC for the production of 49 units of X-ray machines. The first 12 devices were delivered to Aktobe on Oct. 9. The shipment of the remaining 37 devices will be completed by Oct. 30,2020.

Akim of Almaty Region Amandyk Batalov, in turn, said that 13 billion tenge was allocated from the local budget to fight the pandemic, including 8.1 billion tenge for preparation for the second wave.

Regional medical institutions have a three-month supply of personal protective equipment and a two-month supply of medicines.

“In accordance with your instruction, 800 million tenge was additionally allocated and the stabilization fund amounted to 1.3 billion tenge. An agreement was concluded for the purchase of 30 medicines for 500 million tenge with a single distributor, INKAR LLP. Also, through SK-Pharmacy, an application for 33 medicines was formed for pharmacies and 1 million masks were supplied,” Batalov informed.

Antiviral drugs worth 92 million tenge were purchased for socially vulnerable groups of the population at the expense of the local budget.

The monitoring of the availability and prices of medicines and medical products in 1,202 pharmacies of the region is underway. Today there is no shortage of medicines.

The production of personal protective equipment has been established in the region. The largest enterprises in the industry are Dolche LLP, JV Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm, Keloon-Kazfarm.

In total, more than 250 thousand masks are produced per day.

Measures have been taken to strengthen the material and technical equipment of medical institutions. Three computer tomographs, 18 X-ray machines, 150 ventilators were purchased.

180 ambulances and 12 mobile medical complexes were purchased.

Oxygen stations are provided to 13 hospitals in the region. In addition, 1,070 oxygen concentrators were purchased.

On Oct. 5, a new infectious diseases hospital with 200 beds was put into operation.

“In general, the epidemiological situation in the region is stable. Over the past week, the rate of increase in cases of coronavirus was 0.1%, in the last day 4 cases were registered. The work to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection is under control,” Batalov said.

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