Alikhan Smailov signed a decree on distribution of responsibilities between deputy prime ministers

According to the document, the scope of duties of First Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar includes the development of transport infrastructure and logistics, development of construction and modernization of housing and communal services.

Roman Sklyar also oversees issues of energy saving and energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, coal, nuclear industry and nuclear energy, industry, innovation, technical regulation, electric power industry, geology and subsoil use, petrochemistry, export control, environmental protection, agro-industrial complex, preparation and heating seasons, emergency and mobilization work, space activities, communications and others.

The Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov was assigned the issues of the development of education and science, healthcare, social modernization, employment, development of culture and sports, tourism, state youth and family policy, modernization of public consciousness, ensuring interfaith and interethnic harmony, the state language, demographic and migration policies.

Also, the range of coordinated issues includes the interaction of the state and civil society.

Deputy Prime Minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi coordinates the implementation of the foreign policy course, the implementation of foreign economic policy and the coordination of international treaties, including the issues of demarcation, delimitation of the State Border of the Republic of Kazakhstan, attracting foreign investment, expanding trade, economic, financial, scientific and scientific-technical, cultural, as well as other relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan with foreign states and international organizations.

The range of coordinated issues also includes international cooperation in the field of migration, the activities of intergovernmental commissions with foreign countries.

Deputy Prime Minister Bakhyt Sultanov oversees issues of trade policy, tariff policy, cooperation within the Eurasian Economic Union, cooperation within the World Trade Organization.

Deputy Prime Minister Yerulan Zhamaubayev coordinates the issues of the financial sector, macroeconomic policy, budgetary, tax and customs policy, the state planning system, the development of small and medium-sized businesses, the development of public-private partnerships, including concession issues.

The issues of investment policy, statistics, development of project management, reduction of administrative barriers for entrepreneurs, coordination of international financial institutions are also fixed.

The circle of coordinating issues also includes the demonopolization of the economy, reforming the activities of the subjects of the quasi-public sector, consideration and solution of problematic business issues.

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