The rules for importing toys into Kazakhstan have become tougher under the new Customs Code of the EAEU.

"Firstly, the responsibility was placed on the Government to determine the list of goods which are prohibited to be placed under conditional release. A certain category of goods, for example, children's toys, will be released for free circulation only upon the confirmation of safety and compliance with technical regulations,” – Deputy Minister of National Economy Baurzhan Bekeshev said at a press conference in the CCS.

Secondly, according to him, the order and deadline for the issuance of certificates of conformity after the release of goods will be regulated at the level of a joint order of the technical regulators, public health and customs authorities.

As the Deputy Minister noted, the list of goods prohibited to be placed under conditional release is still being coordinated with the competent authorities.

"This list is being finalized and coordinated with the state authorities. It includes children's toys, hygiene products and more. First of all, this is everything that is related to children and human hygiene. After its approval, it will be officially published and we will provide it,” – Bekeshev promised.

In December this year, the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev signed three laws on customs regulation. Specifically: the Law "On ratification of the Agreement on the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union", the new Customs Code and the accompanying Law.


Published: 28 December 2017



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