It is planned to increase in Kazakhstan the number of SEZ participants enjoying tax benefits. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Investments and Development Yerlan Khairov, presenting the bill “On Special Economic and Industrial Zones” in the Majilis.

"In the current Commercial Code, the mechanism of special investment contracts, which is exemption from customs duties, can only be used by those SEZ participants who registered before January 1, 2012, which creates an unequal playing field,” – Yerlan Khairov said.

The Deputy Minister added that the bill provides for the solution of this issue.

“In order to provide the same favorable terms, the accompanying draft law removes time limitations, that is, it provides the opportunity of concluding special investment contracts to all participants in special economic zones,” – Yerlan Khairov explained.

Also, according to him, it provides for the optimization of the process of obtaining land plots through transferring them to management companies for independent segmentation and issuance to SEZ participants.

“Thus, in giving the management companies of SEZ and special industrial zones the authority to provide land plots to the participants of the zones, the logical decision is to offer the management companies land tax benefits for the period of them having land plots under management before they are transferred to the participants of the Special Industrial Zones,” –Yerlan Khairov added.


Published: 28 December 2017



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