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Ministry of Healthcare on CVI: In Kazakhstan, there is a 6-fold decrease in bed occupancy

Wednesday, 09 September 2020, 11:59:20

At a government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, the epidemiological situation in the country was considered. Minister of Healthcare Alexey Tsoy reported on the current situation to combat the spread of coronavirus infection and the measures taken in the republic.

As the minister reported, stabilization of the epidemiological situation in the incidence of coronavirus infection has been achieved. So on Sep. 9, 106,498 patients were registered, over the last day 73 people were registered with a positive result of COVID-19. 4,810 are receiving treatment, 100,042 (94%) were discharged, 1,646 died.

At the same time, 28,228 probable cases of coronavirus infection (PCR-) were registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Thanks to the strict restrictive measures introduced since July 5, there has been a 6-fold decrease in the occupancy of beds, of which resuscitation beds by 6.6 times, and the number of emergency medical calls on CVI issues has also decreased by 5.5 times.

Polyclinics have switched to the format of home service, the number of mobile teams has increased by 7.6 times, today they have been created and are operating 3,640 throughout the country.

“Against the background of the stabilization of the situation in our country, in a number of European and Asian countries, a sharp increase in the spread of coronavirus infection has been observed since the beginning of August. For example, an increase in the incidence is noted in Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany, South Korea, Turkey. In the CIS countries, the average increase in the incidence rate was 0.5%, which is 5 times higher than in Kazakhstan,” Tsoy said.

According to WHO, governments should take an active leadership role, and people should comply with restrictive measures: wear masks and not go to public events.

“As WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus said, “This is not the last pandemic. History teaches us that disease outbreaks and pandemics are, in fact, part of life.” It should be noted that the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health has excluded Kazakhstan from the list of countries that must be quarantined upon return. At the same time, people arriving in Switzerland from other countries are quarantined. The list of these countries was updated on Sep. 7. This testifies to the correctly chosen tactics of combating COVID-19 and stabilization of the current epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan,” the minister noted.

In order to prevent the spread of morbidity and maintain the positive dynamics characterizing the epidemiological situation in the country, some restrictive measures and weekend lockdowns remain.

Also, the ministry is taking measures to ensure readiness for the autumn season. The maximum possible number of beds in the country will be 54,178 beds, which is 16,304 active infectious disease beds, 2,790 new facilities under construction and 32,064 beds in other hospitals. The number of resuscitation beds will total 2,981.

As of Sep. 9, 2020, 19,066 infectious beds are functioning in the Republic of Kazakhstan, 15% are occupied. Resuscitation beds are occupied — 14%.

Currently, there are 3,379 ventilators available in infectious diseases and provisional hospitals, 2,619 additional units are additionally purchased, including 1,500 domestically produced devices.

As Tsoy informed, today in the republic 21,566 beds are provided with oxygen, while it is planned to provide additional 9,300 beds, of which 6,400 from the local budget and sponsorship funds, 2,900 from the republican budget.

According to the delivery schedules, it is planned to complete the delivery of 8,600 devices in September and the remaining 700 in October 2020.

It is planned to equip the ambulance service in 2020 with 1,167 units of ambulance vehicles of domestic production through the financial leasing mechanism of DBK-Leasing JSC, the delivery is planned to be completed by November of this year. The work of mobile PHC teams continues. As of today, 3,640 mobile groups operate in the republic, against 1,612 in July.

According to the head of the department, the increase in the access of the rural population will be carried out through the purchase of 100 mobile medical complexes. The delivery of PMK to the regions is expected by Oct. 1, 2020.

“Today, there are 132 X-ray machines in regional hospitals. Already now the East Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Karaganda regions are provided with X-ray machines for 100%. To equip regional hospitals in 11 regions, it is planned to additionally purchase 53 units of X-ray machines of domestic production. In addition, 15 infectious diseases hospitals will be deployed. It is planned to complete the construction of 13 modular infectious diseases hospitals with 3.1 thousand beds,” Tsoy said.

On behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a number of urgent measures have been taken on drug supply issues.

First: since the pandemic, the regions have declared an additional need for 91 names of drugs in the amount of 14 billion tenge.

Since July 22, 2020, a stock has been formed in infectious and dispensary centers throughout the country. A single distributor shipped 91 names of drugs in the amount of 11.44 billion tenge, which is quickly replenished due to the purchased additional volume of drugs and medical devices.

Second: the formation of an irreducible two-month supply of drugs.

A single distributor purchases 44 types of drugs in demand for the amount of 8.2 billion tenge, for the treatment of about 60,000 patients in hospitals.

This measure will make it possible to create a reserve for drugs for the treatment of CVI for the second wave and smooth out problems with planning needs and morbidity.

Third: the list of drugs at the outpatient level has been expanded.

The COVID-19 nosology has been introduced, which includes 5 types of drugs, antipyretics and anticoagulants, which will cover 1 million people by the end of the year. This measure will relieve infectious and dispensary centers, treat mild forms of COVID-19 at the outpatient level, reduce the pocket money of the population for the purchase of drugs, and reduce government spending on inpatient treatment.

Fourth: at present, the capacity of laboratory testing in the country has been increased to 40,000 tests / day by increasing the number of laboratories to 80. At present, 25 veterinary laboratories are also involved in 11 regions, which have conducted about 20 thousand studies.

“In order to prepare for the next wave, it is additionally planned to increase the capacity of laboratories to 63 thousand per day by the end of this year. A seasonal rise in the incidence of ARVI and influenza is approaching. For the current epidemic season, the Single distributor — SK-Pharmacy LLP purchased 2,199,990 doses of influenza vaccine, which will cover 11% of the total population of the republic,” Tsoy said.

The minister also recalled that persons with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, often ill children, pregnant women, children of educational organizations for children left without parental care, recipients of services from medical and social institutions, and medical workers are subject to vaccination.

“Akims need to take measures to prepare for the start of vaccination against influenza from Sep. 15, 2020. In addition, it is necessary to work with large employers to ensure coverage of workers with influenza vaccination at the expense of employers. This will bring the coverage of influenza vaccination to 14%,” the minister stressed.

To meet the country's need for a vaccine against COVID-19, the risk groups that are subject to vaccination have already been identified:

These are people with chronic diseases over 60 years old, medical workers, teachers. The preliminary number of people to be treated in the republic is 2,790,000 people, which is 15% of the total population; 5,580,000 doses will be required with a two-dose calendar.

The ministry is working on the probable purchase of the following vaccines: the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine, the Kazakhstan vaccine, etc.

“We are constantly monitoring the epidemiological situation in the country and in each region. A method for assessing the state of morbidity and forecasting its development has been developed, which is directed to the regions. Now each region will independently be able to assess the epidemiological situation to each district, with prompt action when it worsens,” Tsoy summed up.

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